Health Benefits Of Chili Oil

Chili Oil comes with a host of benefits and uses:

Source Of Protein

Every 100 grams of chili pepper contains one gram of protein. When you eat more protein, you automatically protect your body from loss of muscle mass, decreased immunity, poor respiratory system and even death (1). Protein also helps in carrying oxygen to the blood. It builds muscles, cartilage and regulates the nervous system.

Vitamin D Benefits

Chili oil is full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It contains Vitamin D that protects you against Alzheimer’s disease, bone weakening, and cancer attacks.

Vitamins A, E, And K

Chili oil also contains Vitamins A, E, and K that provide your body with a large number of benefits. It helps in maintaining good bone health. They contain antioxidants that play a major role in tooth development, immune system, cell division and reproduction (3). Vitamin K helps in the reduction of blood clotting as well.

Iron Benefits

Chili oil contains iron too. Eating iron filled foods prevents several illnesses such as glossitis (4). It also helps you feel relaxed. Iron is one of the major nutrients that prevent you from feeling tired and exhausted. In fact, iron deficiency leads to anemia, cough, and dialysis.

Good For The Heart

Another benefit of chili oil is its ability to take great care of the cardiovascular system. It contains beneficial compounds such as Capsanthin in small quantities, which raise the HDL cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy.

Vitamin C Benefits

Chili oil also contains Vitamin C, which protects you from strokes, coronary heart diseases and other cardiovascular diseases (5) . Vitamin C may also shorten the duration of a cold or the effect of a recent cold treatment.